Ashley J.

Tacoma Center YMCA

After a change in employment by her father, Ashley Jones was homeschooled from third grade through high school, opening a new realm of opportunity she hadn’t experienced before. Her mother, Tami learned that the YMCA offered a unique homeschool program where students could participate in a variety of physical education and social activities with the guidance of a dedicated staff member.

“Ashley grew at the Y on a year by year basis,” says Tami. “She showed exceptional talent in swimming.” If not for the coaching and support of her instructor Dan at the time, she wouldn’t have been able to join the swim team.

Before long, Ashley’s love for the water was undeniable. She began volunteering with her homeschool PE program teaching swim lessons throughout the week and was even offered her first job at the Y.

Now after being a 12 year Aquatics Team Member veteran, Ashley says, “My love for the YMCA and aquatics go hand in hand.” Being part of her childhood, Ashley takes her roles as the Aquatics Program Director at Tacoma Center YMCA seriously and loves that it all started at the Y’s homeschool PE program.