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  • 1,440 Minutes in a Day...

    Schedule 30 of them for physical activity.
  • Measure your health

    The normal resting heart beats 60-80 beats per minute. As your heart gets stronger, through exercise, your resting heart will slowly lower.
  • Hit the Weights

    Strength training is important for bone health and for healthy weight maintenance.
  • Go Barefoot

    We spend most of our time in shoes that offer our foot support, but this can enable the muscles in our foot to weaken. Consider taking time on a daily basis to stand and walk barefoot.
  • A Healthy Heart

    Exercise not only helps fight disease, it creates a stronger heart.

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  • Krystle

    "It can be discouraging after you have a baby. Your body is not the same as it used to be so knowing you aren’t alone really helps."
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  • Grace

    “Inclusion of our child in activities happened every day,” said Sheryl. “It has been very beneficial for her, both at the YMCA and at home.”
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  • Terry Larson and Chris Spivey

    "There are a lot of good programs that the YMCA is working on and we need to find ways to support them."
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