Nurturing Skills Now for Their Future


As children grow and develop, we believe that sports and playtime are an important part of their routine. Skills and Drills are instructional sports classes that keep kids fit and active, introduce them to various sports, help them develop their coordination, and make new friends.

Skills and Drills is not a league but is designed to prepare kids who want to participate in a youth sports league in the future. Introduce your child to new experiences and sports so that they can play and have fun.


Program Information


youth soccer player making a kick

Skill Development


Sports skills involve a complex interaction between movement, sight, and thought. Our curriculum intentionally creates opportunities for participants to experience success though a high volume of touches during drills and activities, minimizing standing in line and idle time during class. Individual progress to structured play takes place over the course of a 5-week session. Classes for 3- and 4-year-olds are structured as Parent/Child classes to help make the younger player’s experience enjoyable and successful.

Self-Esteem, Coordination,
and Belonging


We offer a stress-free environment to introduce kids to new sports. At this stage, we focus on exploration and getting kids in the healthy habit of moving. The best athletes come from multi-sport backgrounds and Skills and Drills paves the way for that development. This is an entry point for kids to build movement and coordination through active play. This class serves as a place to build desire around trying new sports. Kids develop confidence while acquiring hard and soft sports skills, as well as learn beside others who are on a similar journey. Our thoughtful approach increases a kid’s success when they move to the next stage of game play with sports leagues.

basketball skills group lined up for drills

tee ball skills youth getting working on swing

Having Fun Through Play


Skills and Drills is designed to be fun and engaging, helping participants discover the enjoyment of learning and mastering skills, meeting new friends, and focusing on their own development rather than a scoreboard. This allows participants to take away positive experiences while having their needs, levels, and interests met.


Session Information

Next Session: Holiday Blast

Registration Dates

December 6 - 8

Focus Per Session

Fall 1 and 2: Soccer and Basketball

Holiday Blast: Soccer and Basketball

Winter 1 and 2: Basketball and Youth Fitness Fun

Spring 1 and 2: T-ball


Eligibility and Pricing

Children ages 3-10 are eligible to participate in Skills and Drills.*

Class divisions by age

SD 3: Parent/Child Class | SD 4: Parent/Child Class

SD 5 & 6 | SD 7 & 8

SD 9 & 10 | SD 11-13


*Class offerings at the community centers vary by age group. Use the Activity Finder below to discover availability at your local Y.


Y members: $0


Class is not available to community members






How long is each class?

Classes are 30-40 minutes.

Does my kid need cleats/court shoes?

Proper shoes are recommended for SD 9-13, but not required.

What gear do kids need to bring?

Just water!

Can guests come to the games?

We invite all our players to bring along friends and family to cheer them on! Please invite guests to visit after filling out a Guest Pass. All guests will need to sign a waiver upon entry. Additionally, we require all quests 16+ to present a Government Issued ID (EX: Driver's License). The number of participants and viewers permitted varies by community center and game/practice location based upon capacity.