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Based on the YMCA values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility, our arts programs focus on developing students holistically in spirit, mind, and body. In addition to developing arts appreciation and technique, students build character, develop confidence, and cultivate skills that will last a lifetime. 

At the Y, everyone is encouraged to participate regardless of artistic ability, experience, or financial circumstance. Y Arts programs are designed for people of all ages and experience levels and serve as a platform to ignite a passion that can lead to a lifetime of arts appreciation and participation. 





Experience the Benefits of Creating at the Y


Whether you are drawn to the canvas, the dance floor, the kitchen, the stage, or the written word, our programs are designed to inspire, ignite imagination, and foster a community where creativity thrives. Join us on a journey of artistic discovery and unleash your creative spirit in an environment that celebrates the boundless possibilities of artistic expression.



A row of ballerinas in elementary school wait on the stage for a performance.


Dance classes at the Y are offered for members of all ages and levels. Programs include Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, and more! It enhances cognitive performance, teaches collaboration, and supports mental wellbeing through self-expression. It is also a lot of fun! 

Youth Culinary Arts Making Cookies At The YMCA

Culinary Arts

Discover your inner chef and gain exposure to recipes, nutrition, kitchen equipment, cooking principles, flavors, and more! The Y offers culinary students a fun and safe learning environment to explore your creativity in the kitchen.

Mother and Son Playing The Piano


Engage and explore your love for music. Our music education program provides students with a well-rounded experience for all ages through group and semi-private lessons. Bring your instrument and embrace your inner musician.

YMCA Musical Theater


Theatre arts offerings allow participants to build self-confidence, self-expression, storytelling skills and creative thinking through theatrical play and connection. Theatre courses at the Y provide a safe and fun environment to develop performance techniques and engage in a holistic view of the many facets involved in this creative art form.

Friends Painting Together at YMCA Visual Arts Class

Visual Arts

The exploration and practice of visual arts promotes connection to learning, emotions, memory and well-being. Y art classes develop motor skills, decision-making and nurture imagination and social engagement.

Take Virtual Creative Writing Lessons At The YMCA

Literary Arts

Literary Arts courses at the Y provide participants with the opportunity to explore various forms of writing in a setting that encourages artistic collaboration and creative expression. Students have the chance to build and enhance their writing abilities, imagination, and self-expression through various elements of writing.

Art workshop participant crafting with clay at the YMCA

Artist Workshops

Dive into creativity with the Y! Join skilled artists in workshops designed to unleash your artistic potential. Whether you're a seasoned creator or a beginner, discover and thrive in our welcoming community. Find your Inspiration. Find your Y.



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