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The City of Sumner has experienced tremendous growth which has created a need for additional community recreational opportunities, specifically sports fields. The City of Sumner and the YMCA are partnering to develop additional playfields in Sumner at the Gordon Family YMCA.



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The new Playfields will add a new outdoor field, pavilion, restrooms, and additional parking. The estimated cost of developing the Playfields is $3 million and will be fundraised from the community. Development of the playfields will occur over the next two years.

The new Playfields will enable the YMCA to offer additional year-round youth sports programming (e.g. soccer, flag football, t-ball, etc.), provide space for its Summer Day Camp program, and host public/community events.



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Phase Development Infographic
City of Sumner and YMCA Field Project Infographic
Why is the City working with the YMCA to develop fields?

The City has been in discussions with the YMCA dating back to 2017 to develop community fields. In October 2017, the City purchased the 2 acre property directly north of the Gordon Y for the purposes of developing fields. The property and future fields meet several of the goals and objectives of the City’s 2018 Parks and Trails Plan.Given the Y’s experience developing, operating, and maintaining fields in other communities, the City began exploring how we could partner with the Y to develop and realize community fields.

Does the YMCA know how to operate fields?

The YMCA has extensive experience operating fields. The YMCA operates, schedules, and maintains fields at the Morgan (central Tacoma), Mel Korum (Puyallup), and Lakewood YMCAs. Its natural fields at Morgan and Lakewood are programmed 9 months out of the year (there is very little outdoor activities offered during the winter) and the Mel Korum field/open air gym is programmed year-round.

Why do we need more play fields? Aren’t there enough fields at the schools, city parks, and others.

The City’s Parks and Trails Plan identifies a need for more community parks, especially as the City’s population grows and in areas of the City that will absorb the future growth. East Sumner is identified in the Parks and Trails Plan.The YMCA has completed an independent market study that confirms the need for additional fields in the community.

What does the Y get out of this? What is the benefit to City residents?

By developing the fields in partnership, the Y and the City are helping to meet a critical need in the community for additional fields/parks in the community. The Y will be provided outdoor field space to offer additional outdoor youth sports (e.g. soccer, flag football, t-ball, etc.), Summer Day Camp activities, and adult sports and fitness. The City and its residents are provided with additional outdoor fields.

Does the Y’s sports leagues compete with other sports groups in the community?

The YMCA currently offers affordable recreational sports leagues for children ages 3-12. Our sports leagues focus on teaching the fundamentals of the sport, teaching proper technique and teamwork, and promoting good sportsmanship. YMCA members and community members are welcome to participate. There are other sports groups and leagues in the community that offer competitive sports activities.

When will the fields be developed?

The fields and other improvements (e.g. driveway, parking, restroom structure, etc.) will be developed over next five years.

Who is paying for developing the field/improvements?

The Y will launch a capital fundraising campaign to fundraise for the costs to develop the fields. The Y will also allocate a portion of its own capital reserves to the project.

How much will it cost to construct the fields/improvements?

The current cost estimate to develop the fields is $3 million.

Who owns the land/park?

The YMCA will own the land and the playfields and maintain the facilities as part of operating the Gordon Family YMCA.

If I’m a City resident, will my taxes increase to build the fields?

No, your City taxes will not increase to construct the fields. The YMCA will fundraise from private individuals and families to help construct the fields.

If I’m a Y member, will my member dues increase to build the Regional Sports Complex?

No, your membership dues will not increase. The YMCA and its partners will fundraise from private individuals and families to help construct the fields.

Do I need to be a YMCA member to use the fields?

No, a YMCA membership is not required to use the fields. Public hours and community events will be posted on the YMCA and City’s website.

Will the fields be available to the public?

Yes, the Y will make the fields open and available to the public. Public hours and community events will be posted on the YMCA and City’s website.

Will I be able to reserve the fields?

Yes, the YMCA will have a reservation system in-place and staff to manage/schedule the fields.