Teaching Skills, Confidence, Coordination, Flexibility, and Strength


Y gymnastics classes have progressive skill instruction on quality equipment, taught in a fun, and safe environment. Every session emphasizes balance, strength, and coordination, bolstered by positive encouragement from our YMCA coaches and rooted in our values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. 

Toddler Gym participant holds up a juggling scarf during free tumble at the YMCA

Toddler Gym

10 Months–4 Years

Precious time for you and your little one to join us for movement and discovery!  

Focusing on motor skills, coordination, and social interaction, Toddler Gymnastics is a specialized program designed for children to explore movement in a safe and engaging environment.  

Activities include circle time, obstacle courses, dancing, and creative movement exploration, and all classes end with our ‘Goodbye Song’ followed by stickers or stamps to celebrate your young gymnast-in-training. 

Toddler gym participant and parent stretch before a session

Parent Child Gymnastics

2–4 Years

This 30-minute class will be a hands-on learning experience for both adults and children.  

Gymnasts will take to the mat and build skills in balancing, rolling, and landing, all with the comfort of their parent or caregiver right beside them. Participants will learn to safely spot their child and help support them in this new environment. 

By the end of this program, children will be full of confidence and ready to take the next step in gymnastics. 

Toddler gymnast tumbles backwards on foam ramp at the YMCA

Preschool Gymnastics

3–6 Years

This program is tailored to introduce foundational gymnastics skills.

Gymnasts must be able to follow instructions, use active listening skills, and stay with their instructors to begin preschool gymnastics at any Y center. 

Children will engage in activities focused on basic gymnastics movements, beam exercises, introductory bar work, vaulting, and floor exercises. Gymnastics supports the development of gross motor skills, building strength and flexibility, boosting confidence, and encouraging social interaction   

Gymnasts will be in class for 30 minutes, beginning with warm up, working on skills, and then cooling down. 

Action shot of recreation gymnast about to perform a round off at the YMCA

Recreation Gymnastics

5–12 Years

Offering a structured and fun approach to gymnastics, recreational gymnastics is designed for children ages 5 and up to foster confidence, strength, and skill development. 

Gymnasts start at a beginner level and progress based on their mastery of fundamental skills, assessed by instructors using gymnastic report cards filled out by instructors after each session.  

Rec classes run for 45 minutes and involve a rotation of floor exercises, vault, bar work, and balance beam activities. 

High beam practice at gymnastics clinic

Gymnastics Team

All Ages

Our gymnastics teams are tryout-based and competitive world of gymnastics with the convenience of the Y.  

Competitive events are led by elite coaches who transform gymnasts' interest, passion, and grace into increased strength and precision on the mat. 

Gymnastics team member practices a pistol squat on a triangle incline mat at the YMCA


Class Advancement

After every session, gymnasts will receive a report card specifying the recommended level for the upcoming registration period. This report card outlines the specific skills that need mastery before progressing to the next level. For those interested in practicing specific skills at home, YMCA360 is a valuable resource!





Useful Information


What should participants wear to class?

Gymnasts should be in comfortable athletic clothing free of zippers and buttons. We ask that participants do not wear jeans due to the fabric being restrictive and unsafe. In addition, jewelry must be removed, and hair secured before the start of class.

Leotards are recommended but not required.

Can we wear shoes/socks when participating in class?

Class participants need to be barefoot for safety reasons.

Can I go work out while my preschool gymnast is in class?

You are welcome to work out but are required to stay in the building during the program.

Can my child use the gymnastics space and equipment outside of class?

Children are not allowed to use the equipment outside of class times or without an instructor present.