MultiCare Health System and the YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties have partnered to improve the overall health and wellness of our community. With a focus on nutrition and physical activity, we commit to offering community-wide tools and services to help you get healthy.

Together, we offer a variety of collaborative programs and three co-locations in Pierce County.


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Ask your provider about these programs available through MultiCare YMCA01 EPIC referral.




YMCA Healthy Living Eating Salad With Family


YMCA Weight Loss Program

Evidence-Based Weight Management

  • A program for adults ages 18 and older focused on sustainable ways to eat healthier, increase physical activity, and lose weight.
  • Participants meet with a trained YMCA instructor in a small supportive group of others working on similar goals.
  • Three-month program with 12 weekly one-hour sessions.

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Mother and child in a classroom


YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program

Type 2 Diabetes Prevention

  • Helps adults reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • A trained lifestyle coach facilitates discussions with a small group of participants on topics such as healthy eating, physical activity, motivation, and more.
  • Goals are to reduce body weight by 7% and increase physical activity to 150 minutes per week.
  • One-year program consisting of 25 sessions.
  • Qualified participants receive a four-month YMCA membership.

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YMCA Childhood Obesity Prevention - Mother Teaching Child Healthy Eating


ACT! Actively Changing Together

Childhood and Family Obesity Intervention

  • Helps overweight youth and their families establish healthy eating habits and incorporate physical activity into their daily routines.
  • During sessions parents and guardians participate with their child(ren) in energizing games and activities, learn how to prepare healthy food, and receive support to make healthy lifestyle changes.
  • Program is for youth ages 8-14 who have a high pediatric BMI.
  • 12-week program with one 90-minute session per week.
  • Qualified participants receive a three-month YMCA family membership.

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YMCA Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring


Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring

Hypertension Management

  • Participants establish routines for monitoring their blood pressure and learn about healthier eating habits.
  • Goals include a reduction in blood pressure; development of new skills to manage blood pressure; ability to identify and control triggers that elevate blood pressure; and more confidence to adopt healthy eating habits.
  • Four-month program with individual healthy heart coaching and monthly nutrition seminars.

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YMCA Enhance Fitness Group Class


Enhance Fitness®

Fall Risk Reduction and Arthritis Management

  • Group exercise program that helps adults managing chronic conditions, such as arthritis, to gain strength.
  • Participants learn manageable movements that encourage them to be consistently active.
  • Meets three times weekly for 60 minutes.
  • Enhance Fitness is only available for Y members.

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Empowering Pregnancy and Motherhood

Pregnancy and Postpartum Wellness

  • Helps pregnant and recently postpartum women have healthy babies through education about physical activity and nutrition.
  • Program is a collaboration with MultiCare’s Center for Healthy Equity and Wellness. Email to register.
  • Five-week program with one weekly 90-minute session.
  • Program is for SNAP eligible participants.
  • Qualified participants receive a one-month YMCA individual membership.

If you're a graduate of the Empowering Pregnancy and Motherhood program

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Active older adults exercising



Cancer Survivorship

  • Strength and fitness program for adults living with cancer or beyond cancer treatments.
  • Participants meet with a YMCA-certified instructor to increase flexibility and endurance, build muscle, and improve capacity to perform daily activities.
  • 12-week program with two 90-minute sessions per week.
  • Qualified participants receive a three-month membership for themselves and a support person

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Active Older Adult Stretching In YMCA Group Exercise Class


MultiCare Program Graduates

Benefit For Graduates Of Eligible MultiCare Programs

  • Congratulations on completing your MultiCare health program! The YMCA is grateful to help you on your continued journey to reclaim your health.
  • Learn more about how to claim your complimentary one-month membership at the Y.

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YMCA Pedaling For Parkinsons


Pedaling for Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s Management

  • Research conducted at the Cleveland Clinic showed pedaling a bicycle at a consistent RPM over a period time can reduce Parkinson’s disease symptoms by as much as 35%.
  • Groups meet on an ongoing basis for 60-minute sessions.

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