The Y offers a variety of camps to help your camper thrive away from home and school and winter break is no exception. Whether they want to hang out with friends, spend time at the pool, or play games, the Y is here to help. Our winter break camps are offered on most teacher workdays and holidays. Children spend camp time swimming, playing games, participating in sports, and learning arts and crafts. There is plenty of physical recreation, fun learning activities and engaging games to keep your child moving and smiling all day long.


Select Your Winter Camp Experience





Adventure and Exploration



Every child deserves to reach their full potential and winter break is unique in that kids can focus on themselves and not what’s happening at home or at school. Building independence and exploring who they are, at Winter Break kids forge friendships and learn new skills through adventure and exploration, all while discovering the values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.

Staff leading winter break camp participant up rock climbing wall route

Winter break camp participants enjoying lazy river under aquatic staff supervision

Maintain Healthy Lifestyle



During school breaks, it’s easy for kids to become sedentary. In the world of video games, mobile apps, and on-demand entertainment, it’s even more important that kids are kept active while away from school. At YMCA Winter Break Camp, we create and host fun activities to keep kids up and moving every day – ensuring that they get plenty of exercise, even if they don’t notice it.

Sense of Belonging



Being a kid can be a challenging path to navigate but being at camp can help them throughout their journey. Silly songs and chants, fun nicknames, secret handshakes and jokes – each of these serves kids by giving them the chance to feel like they belong. Instead of possibly feeling like an outsider, campers develop a common sense of purpose and feel connected to a larger group.

Camp participants playing gym game in a laundry basket