Extra Summer Fun at the Y


Summer Clinics are a focused summer experience that goes beyond just a day.These dynamic programs offer the perfect blend of fun, friendship, and skill-building. Join in the excitement and watch your kids thrive in an environment tailor-made for summer fun!







Clinics may start as early as June 17 and go until August 30. Check your local Y for your dates and times.



Members | $20–$99

Community Members | $40–$120



Painting Rainbows at YMCA Visual Arts Class



Summer arts clinics will immerse your child in a vibrant world of creativity. Your artist will master new and exciting techniques in a supportive and engaging environment. From dance mix, painting, to culinary classes, the arts fit all kids' interests.

Swim lesson with floatie bar



Keep your summer cool with aquatics clinics. Clinics range from fun water related games to improving your strokes. Youth will explore their water capabilities while gaining confidence in the water.

High beam practice at gymnastics clinic



Our gymnastics clinics will have your gymnasts flipping and soaring to new heights. These clinics will enhance their flexibility and strength, all while having fun and meeting new friends.

Basketball skills student practicing dribble form



Stay active this summer by joining us for sports clinics. This program is designed to have progressive skill building throughout the week. Your athlete will experience a strong sense of camaraderie in all sports offered this summer.