The 2024 Election Season – An Intergenerational Conversation 


Bridge of Hope is a place for anyone in the community to share their voice, find hope, and practice our civic muscle of listening as we navigate the election season.  


The ability to disagree respectfully as citizens is critical to our future. In this election season, the YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties invites the young and the elderly to come together from all walks of life to experience constructive dialogue. The experience is not a debate - it builds cohesion not further division. 


Come with courage to share your thoughts, curiosity to connect with others, and humility to listen and learn.



Session Information

The 2024 Election Season – Intergenerational Conversation is broken up into two parts:


Part One: Knowing Yourself and Others


Dates and Locations TBD

Part Two: What’s at Stake?



Dates and Locations TBD

All group facilitators are Y volunteers or staff who are trained in Reflective Structured Dialogue, a method created by Essential Partners.

Eligibility and Participation


  • Participants are to be 14 years of age or older. A parent or guardian waiver is needed for participates 14 to 17 years old 
  • All participants must attend Part 1 to attend Part 2. 
  • In preparation of the conversations, participants are encouraged to review the My Political Autobiography exercise by Essential Partners. 
  • Participation at each site and date will vary from 6 to 24 participants. Conversations will be in groups of 5 to 7 people. 

We can become a positive force for good during this time of election. We each can become more skilled at holding one on one or small group conversations constructively where we live, play, work, worship, and learn. 



Join Our Commitment


At the YMCA, we believe in building strong communities that support the well-being of everyone. Our vision is to create a community strengthened by differences and connected by trust. 

We are one of 11 YMCAs in the United States selected to participate in the Team Up Project to bring you programs like the Bridge of Hope. Learn more about the Team Up Project here.

The Bridge of Hope aims to bring people together in Pierce and Kitsap Counties to restore civility and hope. We believe in fostering meaningful civil dialogues on complex issues from diverse perspectives and training people to lead them in their daily lives.



Program Information


We're excited to collaborate with Essential Partners (EP) to co-design dialogues that address the fears, concerns, and challenges related to divisiveness in our community. Our approach involves:

  • Preparation for the conversation.
  • Reflection on personal and others' perspectives.
  • Shared purposes and agreements to guide the conversation.
  • Asking new questions to uncover fresh insights about stories, values, and complexities.
  • Structured exchanges to interrupt old patterns and enhance thoughtful communication.
  • Opportunities to explore genuine interest in one another.