People run away from the cold Puget Sound at the Plunge event

Updated June 3, 2024

Come take The Plunge!

Join the Y for one of most popular, annual events - The Plunge! Our organization has been carrying on this tradition for nearly 40 years. We will walk, jog, and bike to the beach and take a total of three dips in the Puget Sound! This is a terrific way to celebrate Summer and feel renewed in mind, body, and spirit. Be sure to share and invite friends!

This event will be held on August 23, and we will be running into the water at 8:30am. Check below for details on your local community center's plans for getting to Owen Beach at Point Defiance Park. Still have questions? Check the FAQ at the bottom of this page. We can't wait to see you there!

People stand in front of the water at Owen Beach at the Plunge

Departure Times by Community Center

Morgan Family Y | 4.8 miles

6:30am Walking
6:45am 15 min/mile
7:00am 12 min/mile
7:10am 10 min/mile
7:20am 8.5 min/mile
7:25am Biking


Tacoma Center Y | 6.9 miles

5:50am Walking
6:15am 15 min/mile
6:35am 12 min/mile
6:50am 10 min/mile
7:00am 8.5 min/mile
7:20am Biking


Tom Taylor Family Y | 13.1 miles

5:00am 15 min/mile
5:30am 11-12 min/mile
6:00am 9-10 min/mile
6:35am Biking


The Plunge FAQ 

Who can participate? 
All members, community members, and staff are welcome to take The Plunge with us! 

How do I get to The Plunge? 
Walk, run, or bike from the community center of your choice, or canoe, kayak, or paddle board from The Ram or Old Town Dock.

The Plunge in Tacoma, WA as people run in to the Puget Sound

Is there a cost to participate? 

What time is the actual Plunge into the water?
8:30am sharp! Please arrive at the beach at 8am before we run into the water.

Which Community Centers are departure centers? 
Morgan (4.8 miles), Tacoma Center (6.9 miles), Tom Taylor (13.1 miles).

Is this a race? 
Not at all. There are multiple options for each center, so you can choose a pace that works for you!

Will the water be cold? 
Definitely! We will have coffee and hot chocolate to warm you up though! How do I get back? We recommend parking a car at the beach ahead of time, but we will have some bus availability back to Tacoma Center, Morgan, and Tom Taylor YMCAs. 

What time does Owen Beach open? 
Owen Beach opens 30 minutes before sunrise which is estimated to be 6:18am on August 23.

People run into the Puget Sound at the Plunge hosted by the YMCA

Can kids participate? 

Is there a bathroom? 
Yes, there are new restrooms at Owen Beach. 

How do I get connected to a group? 
Talk to the Health and Well-Being Director at the center you frequent. If you are a community member, feel free to reach out to Cassidy Inamasu at so we can get you connected.  

Who can I ask additional questions? 
Please reach out to Cassidy Inamasu.