Rock Climbing

Advanced Climbing Registration Required

Climbers will practice difficult routes, progressive techniques, and advanced terminology on a competitive level. This is a registered class included in membership. Members must have passed an intermediate class and receive instructor invitation before registering. Climbing shoes are highly recommended at this level.

Beginner Climbing Registration Required

The first step in learning about climbing and safety techniques, bouldering, climbing terminology, and strength training.

Belay Certification Registration Required

Learn the safety systems of belaying, knot tying, climbing commands, and proper use of equipment through hands-on climbing instruction.

Certified Climb Drop-in Class

Members who are YMCA Belay Certified are offered time to use the wall at their leisure. Certified members may bring a non-certified member while in this program. Ages 5-7 must have direct visual supervision by a guardian. Members who have previous belaying experience can be tested during this time with a staff member in order to gain Belay Certification.

Climb Time Drop-in Class

A climbing class open to all skill levels in which the goal is to have fun in games and activities while improving upon your current skills.

Drop-In Climb Ages 5+ | Drop-in Class

All members ages 5 and up are welcome to belay up the rock wall.
Program offered at:

Intermediate Climbing Registration Required

Enhance and further develop climbing skills and knowledge. Climbers will learn terminology, follow graded routes, and climbing methods such as matching, smearing, flagging, and more. Must pass a beginner class and receive instructor approval before registering.
Program offered at:

Itty Bitty Climbing Registration Required

Learn about rock climbing safety, proper climbing technique, bouldering, and strength training. Harnesses and helmets are provided.
Program offered at:

Speed Climb Registration Required

Climbers will learn how to scale the wall the fastest they can using our auto belays. Must pass a beginner class and receive instructor approval before registering.

Staff-Led Drop-In Climb Drop-in Class

Climbing staff will assist with belaying members on the rock wall.