Weston and Cora ..

Haselwood Family YMCA

In 2011 Weston and Cora splashed into Parent-Child swim lessons with a dozen other one-year-olds. But the friendly smiles they exchanged made it quickly apparent to both mothers that their child had found the meaning of friendship at the Y.

"Here they were surrounded by so many other toddlers, but the smiles they shared when they would see each other on the pool deck said it all," Weston's mother said. "They had found a friend."

As each swim session would come to a close, a new one would begin with Weston and Cora always on the same roster. "There was no way we could split them up," Cora's mother said. "They're like peas and carrots." 

They were often seen walking hand-in-hand to their lessons, proud of their friendship for all to see and warming the hearts of those who did. Fast-forward to 2015 and Weston and Cora have now spent two-thirds of their young lives together in Y swim lessons. They breezed through Preschool lessons together and can now be seen still gracing the pool deck - still hand-in-hand - walking to their Youth swim lessons.