Bremerton Family YMCA

Ty arrives at the Y like clockwork- three days a week, every week, and always at the same time. It’s an integral part of his routine, one that means more to him than people might ever guess.

For many years, Ty struggled on the losing end of an extreme addiction to drugs. He first discovered the Y as a participant in the Kitsap Mental Health Group, which made regular visits to the Y as part of its rehabilitative programming. Ty felt instantly accepted and at home at the Y.

While the personal details of his struggle and victory are his own, there is one thing he gratefully shares with anyone who will listen.

“I quit the drugs, quit smoking, quit drinking; I quit everything because of Kitsap Mental Health and the YMCA,” said Ty. “I would not trade a day of my gloomy past for the clean, happy, and new life in which I live today.”