Trenton W.

Tom Taylor Family YMCA

Six-year-old Trenton Weis had more than a few reservations when his family moved from eastern Washington to Port Orchard at the beginning of the summer. "He had to say goodbye to every room in the house," recalls mom Alisa. "He cried any time someone mentioned it. He was afraid he wouldn't have any friends after we left."

Alisa knew she needed something fun to lift her son's spirits and refocus his energy. She began reading through the Summer Camp brochure at the Tom Taylor YMCA and immediately knew this was the place to start. She enrolled the aspiring "ninja spy engineer" in a week of Science Activity Camp, and the rest is history. 

Trenton was instantly welcomed by the staff and his peers. He relished the opportunity to launch rockets, construct robots, and engage in the animated stories of counselors like Tigger and Chewbaca.

"He hasn't stopped smiling all summer," Alisa reports. "When I came to pick him up the first day, I asked if he liked camp. He said, 'No, I don't like it. I love it!' What more does a mom need to hear?"