Shauna C.

Gordon Family YMCA

It’s the little things in life that sometimes make the biggest changes. That’s exactly the case with Shauna Clark. Two years ago, she was diagnosed with a severe vascular disease in both legs, but especially affecting her right. Due to having a vascular bypass in the right leg, she had to have her toe amputated. This started a cascade of issues where she would get another bone infection. It seemed like the problems wouldn’t stop on top of being a diabetic as well.

In her last job, she was completely stationary, which caused her body to be weak. Doctors recommended compression socks to help reduce the swelling in her legs from the pain. To become more active, Shauna started walking at the Lakewood YMCA, but her struggles continued as she had to sit at least six times during a one-mile walk. At this point, Shauna contemplated the harsh reality that maybe this was how life was going to be. She felt that since both her parents passed away at a young age, she was on the path as well due to poor health.

That mindset started to change when she applied for a job at the Gordon YMCA in the membership department. She thought, "why not give it a shot?" It would help her with earning some income for her family as well as balancing going back to school. It also allowed her to get a membership so that she could improve her health. In the beginning, it was a little more than what she bargained for. Standing up for long periods took a toll on her body as Shauna felt she might not be physically able to handle the duties of the job. Over time, Shauna kept pushing and pushing! When she started, 15 minutes was extremely difficult to handle standing. Now she is able to do a three-hour shift and is able to be standing for the majority of the shift.

Determination is helping Shauna change her outlook. Physically, she is feeling better than she has in years, and most importantly, she no longer feels that her health is improving. Shauna is incredibly grateful for being able to work at the Gordon Family YMCA as she loves talking to the members and assisting them every day. Taking a chance and applying at the Gordon Family YMCA has changed Shauna’s outlook on life for the better!

“You just never know the impact that you have on people.”

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