Renee Q.

Morgan Family YMCA

After moving from Michigan to Nashville, Tennessee in 2006 for an internship while in college, Renée found herself looking for a place to stay active. She found so much more than a gym after joining the Y. The community was a great welcome in a place where she knew very few. 
A couple older gentlemen used their grandfathering skills and essentially adopted Renée while she was at the Y, ensuring she knew the best places to eat and the safest places to live. Not only did Renée find community, but she also found a job that she truly cared about at the Y. Learning a great deal about the professional world after college also helped her identify what she really wanted from a career which led her to pack up and move to Seattle in 2011. 
Upon her arrival in the Pacific Northwest, the Y was the first place she turned; again, for community and a career. Since moving here, Renée met her now husband and they had their first child last year. During her pregnancy, Renée stayed healthy thanks to Rebeca's yoga class, Susan's R.I.P.P.E.D. class, and the Morgan Family Y. "I think our daughter is so busy and active because she got used to me jumping around while I was pregnant. I half expected her to come out teaching a class," Renée said. 
Renée and her family are grateful for the significant role multiple Ys across the country have played in keeping them healthy.