Parker S.

YMCA Child Care

Last summer at day camp, Y staff noticed that Parker had a difficult time fitting in. As he transitioned back into the Y’s Before and After School program, staff took time to engage with him. He began to serve in leadership positions, reading to younger kids and helping out at the site. Parker began to enjoy spending time at the Y and would be reluctant to go home because he wanted to stay longer.

Parker returned to summer camp this year. It has been a struggle for him at times, but mom, Cynthia, keeps him in the program because Parker has trouble making friends and camp is a great opportunity for him to socialize and learn to build relationships.

“I am so grateful to the YMCA team, especially his site director Emily, for their patience and ongoing support,” said Cynthia. “They work with Parker to encourage his participation, and help him take space when he needs individual activities.”