Noby B.

University Y Student Center

"I have been a gym goer for almost a decade,” said Noby. “But when I joined the Y in 2016 none of the other gyms could compare.”

Noby’s not just any “gym goer”. She is currently in school to become a Physical Therapist Assistant to help others. It is a highly stressful, accelerated program.

“The gym has always been my outlet to relieve stress,” said Noby. “And to be surrounded by great people makes the experience so much more helpful.”

Being surrounded by people who encouraged her to overcome her fears helped Noby through her stress and anxiety. She hopes to pay it forward with the support that she has gotten in times she needed it most.

“I hope I can pass that same encouragement on to others who may doubt themselves, because this place is so much more than just a gym,” said Noby. “It's a place where you can challenge yourself and reach your true potential."