Mel Korum Family YMCA

For Mayanna, the best part of Top Chef Camp at the Y is bringing home healthy, delicious recipes to share with her family. This summer has given her a ton of new recipes to try at home.

“I think the recipe for everyone in the family to enjoy would be the Swedish meatballs,” Mayanna said.

Mayanna isn't just interested in the recipes, though. She also loved getting to use real kitchen tools to make tasty snack. She especially enjoyed making homemade smoothies.

"I liked using the blender myself!"

Erin, Mayanna’s mom, appreciates that her daughter has been able to participate in specialty camps at the Y that connect to her passions. 

“We just love how excited she comes home every night!” Erin said.

Mayanna is planning to sign up for Top Chef Camp again next year to continue to increase her culinary arts knowledge. We're excited to see her next year!

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