Matt V.

Gordon Family YMCA

I remember we were practicing soccer one day and there was a kid who was just like, hands glued to the fence, eyes wide open, just watching other kids play. And through the fence, I asked this child, “Why don’t you come out here?”’ And he was like, “My family can’t afford it. I can’t be out there.” That touched my heart and we eventually got him into the program and he’s still a part of our youth sports program.

The Youth Department is a wide-ranging department with lots of programming, which can span from martial arts, gymnastics, youth sports, summer day camp, and sports skills. The YMCA is just that place where you can cultivate your passion for youth development and it’s also a great place to showcase your skills as a caring adult as well.

I think the YMCA does a really good job of cultivating that passion. They have lots of great leadership classes. When they know that there’s something you want to pursue, they make a goal to put you on the path.

Studies show there’s a pivotal moment in a child’s life that develops who they are, and it’s awesome to be the person who changes that child’s life and provides that impact for that one hour or that one program. When you connect with that child, as that caring adult, that right there is immeasurable.

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