Maiana S.

Bremerton Family YMCA

With the inspiration of a YMCA staff member, Mia gained the self confidence to home-school her daughter, Maiana. Without the YMCA offering so many wonderful classes and programs and without the friendly community dynamic, Mia is not sure she could have made this decision.

“We are so grateful to be part of the YMCA,” says mother, Mia Salas. 

Their first session in which they were signed up for classes, both Mia and Maiana were excited to find out about all of the incredible dance classes that were offered by Dance Specialist, Miss Genevieve Moore. Genevieve has a Master’s Degree in Performing Arts with a major in dance, with a background of dance in her home nation of Ireland as well as Spain. Maiana signed up for ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and dancing with languages and her personal favorite, performing arts. She immediately loved Genevieve and all of her classes. “She is really nice and sweet,” Maiana says, “I want to be a dance teacher at the YMCA.”

Though most importantly, that is how Maiana feels about all of her YMCA instructors, including Mr. Patrick, Mr. Dante, Miss Sonya, Miss Lilly and of course, Mr. Kyle.

In performing arts, Maiana has been in performances such as “Annie”, “The Wizard of Oz”, “Rudolph” as well as the “Grinch”. She has now added new teachers and new classes to her schedule, including World Culture with Robyn and Erin, which she looks forward to every week! Recently, Maiana began guitar lessons with Mr. Aaron McFadden and now plays “Happy Birthday” on her guitar.

Maiana has made meaningful relationships and the Y has become a family and a second home.

"It has been a pleasure to watch my daughter excel in her classes and get wonderful praise from her teachers which has given her confidence,’” Mia said. Everyday, when asked what she wants to be when she grows up, it has become a pretty simple answer, “I want to be a dance teacher at the YMCA, mommy.”