Lori S.

Bremerton Family YMCA

When you first meet Lori Seljestad-Brodigan, the first thing she expresses is how she is proud of her heritage. "I tell everyone I am three quarters stubborn," she exclaims. "That is half Norwegian and one fourth German. I can thank my parents for that."
But her kind of stubbornness is the best kind; Lori is hardworking and motivated. She has had tough times, has fallen, but always shows her strength when she stands back up. A survivor of two strokes, drastic weight loss for two knee replacements, Lori battles through it and is a true inspiration. 
After a little less than two years at the Bremerton Family YMCA, and 117 pounds lost, Lori decided she was ready for her first 5k in October of 2015. Walker in hand, making a wrong turn, and tough weather aside, Lori was able to finish 2/3 of her inaugural 5k experience. This was not enough for such a motivated individual. 
After numerous laps around the track and an increasing confidence meter, she returned in March of 2016 to take on her second 5k. Not even a fall could slow her down. Lori reached the finish line with a bruised knee but a happy heart. She had completed part of her mission that proved to be inspiration to so many people. 
But for her, even the completion of the 5k was only the middle of her trek to healthy living. "I have 80 more pounds to go," Lori says. For Lori, the effort is in memory of her passed roommate, and she continues to remember her friends when she is in tough times, including her new friends at the YMCA. 
As a member who enters the YMCA every weekday, Lori loves to interact with staff. "I love them all...they are all my favorite." Lori has tennis balls on her walker (designed by our Facilities Department!) to help her glide through her workout, brightening everyone's day as she does it.