Kent T.

Haselwood Family YMCA

Kent led an extraordinary life, traveling abroad with his girlfriend, developing his love for art, dining on rich cuisine. And then came New Years Eve 2011, and a heart attack.

"I spent 22 hours in the hospital and racked up a $132,000 medical bill," he says. "At that point I had to make the decision, 'Am I going to continue like this or am I going to take control of my life?'"

Kent threw away all the food in his house and adopted a vegan lifestyle, introduced to him by his daughter, Teal. And he began coming to the Y nearly everyday. Doing everything from yoga to spin class, he does cardio workouts at least five days per week, and strength training three days per week. Since becoming a member he has lost more than 35 pounds, and says he hasn't felt this good since his thirties.

"There would be a void the size of Texas (in my life) without this place," he says. "The Y is at the foundation of my success."