Kateri R.

Tom Taylor Family YMCA

When Kateri's sister, Megan, asked her to teach her how to hand sew, Kateri could not help but feel reluctant. "I used to be active, but had to limit activity due to the pain," she said.

Even the smallest movements triggered immense pain. Activities that had once brought great joy, like sewing, now pinched her shoulders and numbed her hand until she couldn't even feel the sewing needle between her fingers.

That was until Kateri started Aqua Healthy Joints class at the Y. It's been only one year since Megan encouraged her to start, and already she feels the mobility returning.

"I was amazed that I didn't have any of the numbness I remembered," Kateri said. She credits the improvement to the "thumbs up breast stroke" they do regularly in the Aqua Healthy Joints class, a movement done primarily to help people become more aware of their posture and shoulder alignment.

Now, few things are "hands-off" for Kateri. This time, when Megan asked her to demonstrate her sewing skills, not only can she demonstrate techniques, but she repaired the broken seam entirely. "I was surprised at the lack of pain," she said.

That was only the beginning. Kateri has continued to sew. Now she replaces zippers, repairs baby pajamas, and even took in the seams of her own swimsuit.

Kateri and her sister, Megan, are pictured above with instructor, Marcia.