Gordon Family YMCA

Chloee has been taking private lessons with swim instructor, Danielle, for a full a year now and has grown by leaps and bounds.

When she first came to the Y, Chloee was afraid of the water and could not swim at all. Danielle began by encouraging Chloee just to put her face in the water, doing the exercise with her to make her less afraid of trying something new. Once she became confident in this, the pair then tackled floating on their backs and bellies.

Through private lessons one day a week, both Danielle and Chloee’s parents have seen her gain a marked confidence in the water. She has also found a new love for swimming. Chloee can now swim laps on her front and back up to 25 yards and loves to do handstands and play with the dive rings. "It is amazing how far she has come with just one year of lessons," said Danielle. "I am very proud of her!"