Karen B.

Tacoma Center YMCA

Like most health seekers, Karen says she was uneasy about joining a gym. The machines, the environment, the people ? would she feel comfortable? Would she be able to meet the goals she set? One thing that sustained Karen throughout her vision casting was her daughter. She was in the forefront of Karen's mind as she began to set realistic goals through the tailored, progressive FitPath program at the Y. 

?I was wanting to gain some strength and focus on weight loss,? says Karen. Beginning the FitPath program mid-January, Karen says she really enjoyed being able to track her progress. ?I am proud to see [my name] show up on the challenge board,? she stated. FitPath has a friendly competitive component, and Karen is now among the board?s top leaders. ?It motivates me to try harder.? 

?Being able to meet with my coach makes the experience much more personal,? said Karen. ?They take the time to get to know me as a person and set realistic expectations to hit next week.? 

Karen shared that her once monotonous workouts have now transformed into some of the most fulfilling and inspiring parts of her day. ?My daughter is proud of me now. To me, that is what really matters.?