Jolene R.

University Y Student Center

By her mid-30s, Jolene had already developed several medical issues. When fast food and a family history of obesity peak at 300 pounds, Jolene knew that she had to make some changes. “It’s something I’ve battled my whole life," said Jolene. "I was tremendously into cycling as a young girl up through my high school years."

Although associated with the Y since 1999, she joined the Y as a member in April 2012 for the classes, camaraderie, support, and motivation. "I started with little things like eliminating soda, not eating fast food, and working out."

Over her several-year journey, Jolene has she has lost an incredible 115 pounds!

“Turning 40 in 2015 was a wake-up call to get my health and weight back on track and the Y has played a significant role in helping me attain my goals," said Jolene. "Once I reached a comfortable weight to get back on a bike, I started going to Y cycling classes. Seven months later, I applied to become a substitute for cycling classes and now teach five classes a week. It’s easy to fall out of a workout routine and attending classes, and getting to know instructors and fellow Y members helps you stay committed.”

Jolene makes sure to welcome members with open arms to her class and ensure that they are comfortable on their bike.

“I love to instruct cycling classes to motivate and inspire other," said Jolene. "Everyone has a story and a fitness journey. I hadn’t been on a bike for 23 years, so I can easily relate to beginner cyclers. And my passion for music is about as equal to my passion for cycling. Put those two passions together and it’s an amazing combo.”

Want to join Jolene for Cycling? Stop by Group Exercise Room 2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:15-7pm!