John S.

Mel Korum Family YMCA

John is a high school teacher and has been volunteering as a cycling instructor at the Mel Korum Family YMCA for the past 9 years! John has overcome his snooze button on his alarm so he can teach the 5:30am cycling class bright and early on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“After teaching cycling class I am pretty wound up when I get to school. Students ask why and I share with them that I taught cycling class early that morning. I explain to them that cycling is a fun way to get a cardio workout.”

Four years ago, he decided to invite all of his senior students to come to his 5:30am cycling class. One student came and decided to take pictures to share the experience with her friends. The next three years, all of his senior students wanted to come and a tradition was born.

“I like to bring my students at the end of the year so I can teach them one last life lesson about the importance of staying active throughout their life to maintain good health. My students often say the experience of seeing a class full of adults of all different age levels exercising and having fun doing is an inspiration for them to do the same.“