Jenn N.

Lakewood Family YMCA

Like most people trying to lose weight, Jenn tried to start exercising several times. Every time she started, she would eventually stop and fall back into old habits. It wasn't until she got an ultimatum from her doctor that she knew she had to make a change and stick with it. 
"My doctor gave me a 90-day challenge, either lose weight or have surgery. And I knew I didn't want surgery," said Jenn. 
She joined the Y and started to work out on her own and take group exercise classes. Between water fitness classes and solo exercise, she lost 53 pounds in three months. It took time, but she started noticing results. She felt more energetic and wasn't getting the headaches that used to plague her. She was so happy that she got her family involved. 
Now, her parents, her roommate, and even her aunt come to the Y, where they're all getting healthier and losing weight. Together, they're planning a friendly competition with a few friends to see who can lose the most weight. 
"Now my whole family's here and we're doing it together," said Jenn. She's motivated by her success so far to keep going and inspire others to get healthy. "Just keep your mind to it; you can do it."