Janet F.

Mel Korum Family YMCA

A month after her husband’s death, Janet was struggling with intense loneliness and depression. She even considered giving away her dog because she didn’t think she had the strength to take care of it.

“When I heard about Journey to Freedom, I thought it would just be something to help get me out of the house," said Janet. "Little did I know that it would change my life.”

In fact, just a few weeks after the group began, Janet’s outlook on life had changed so dramatically even her daughters were asking what she was doing differently. In Journey to Freedom, Janet not only processed her recent pain, but was also able to let go of past anger weighing her down.

“The most powerful thing is realizing you’re not alone," said Janet. "There are people you can talk to and, I now believe, a higher power out there. Before Journey to Freedom I was so far in a black hole I couldn’t see out, I felt so alone. Now I feel like I have a new life.”