Emily C.

Lakewood Family YMCA

For Emily, the Y is more than a place to workout and or have her children stay active. A little over 13 years ago, Emily met her now husband and they blended their families to make their family of nine. Her husband is unable to work from a veteran disability, so they found their finances to be very tight.
"Raising a family with seven children can be tough, but raising a combined family of seven can be even more challenging," said Emily. "The YMCA was not only able to allow us to have the financial ability to join, but it also brought all of us together as well."
Since joining the Y, Emily and her family have grown stronger together as a family. Their children continually show how much they care for each other. When one is down another one is right there for them even if it is just emotional support. "Because of the YMCA and the great values they support, all of our children are continually succeeding," said Emily.
She concludes, "Because of the Y we are a stronger family with great values and it sure does show with how well all of our children are doing! Thank you for all your support in raising funds to make this all possible for our family!"