Duff D.

Tacoma Center YMCA


My family and I joined the Downtown Y (Tacoma Center YMCA) in the spring of 1999, with my wife and nine-month-old baby girl. I was introduced to Noon Hoops early on by Pat Garlock, a legend at the Y. Back then, it was an adult sports league with referees and annual competitions.

Things really started to take off in the summer of ’99. Ronn McMahon would run two full courts with nearly 25 players waiting to get in. It was insane.

One of my favorite things about Noon Hoops specifically was that there was no limit to someone’s gender, race, age, or socio-economic background. Everyone played. Everyone mattered. If you had a generic name like Eric, you got a nickname. The Noon Hoops legacy was about brotherhood and community.

Now as a father with much older children, my love for the game is the only exercise I can tolerate. I can’t do classes or machines, so for me, this works.

Probably one of my favorite things now is being out with my kids and seeing other Hoopers from TC. It’s a blend of different backgrounds that I have come to love more and more every day. My kids think I am the coolest dad ever because I know every baller in Tacoma. I like to think of (Tacoma Center YMCA) as a melting pot, and I hope it continues to stay that way. Noon Hoops brings together dudes with night and day differences on the same court.