Dr. Joseph Lamb

Tom Taylor Family YMCA

As a physician, Dr. Joseph Lamb understands that health is about the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. When he moved back to Gig Harbor to head up the new Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Center, he decided to join the Tom Taylor Family YMCA so that he could improve his own health.

“What I really enjoy most [about the Y] is probably the rowing machine and the circuits that I do with my trainer,” Dr. Lamb says. “Courteney’s a great trainer.”

Dr. Lamb was also interested in learning more about the Y’s chronic disease prevention programs, which help participants reduce their risk of diabetes, manage their blood pressure, lose weight, and commit to healthy lifestyle changes. To help expand the community’s access to those programs, he made a donation to the Y’s Annual Campaign.

“I am a donor to the YMCA and I do so because I think there’s a return that people should give to their communities. When people are asking you for a donation to the Y, they’re not asking for themselves; they’re asking for the community and something bigger. And they’re asking for the opportunity to go above and beyond to do this kind of programming for the chronic health and chronic disease.”

For Dr. Lamb, what the Y offers is more than just healthy living programs – it’s a place where people gather to encourage and motivate each other to achieve their potential.

“I feel that [the Y] is so important because it gives people a community where they can work out and it gives them a whole group of people to reach out to – because people don’t do this work alone.”

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