Donald G.

University Y Student Center

Donald first joined the YMCA almost ten years ago as a rambunctious, active, and energetic middle school student. He initially pursued a membership because of the friendly atmosphere the Y provided. For Donald, the Y was "just a nice place to work out," he explains. "I never thought it was anything more than a gym where I could spend some quality time with my brother."
Donald and his brother both grew particularly fond of basketball, and admittedly "spent crazy hours on the court." By the time he reached high school, Donald was quickly selected to be part of their varsity basketball. The adversity and self-doubt he wrestled with was his ultimate motivation along with the support of his brother, Abdul.
Now Donald frequents the University Y Student Center daily. "It's a super clean facility, the staff are always friendly, and I love being in a student environment," Donald explains. His passion for fitness has led him to pursue a career in personal training as well.
"My vision has become clearer through my love of fitness, and being surrounded by positive role models in my life at the Y," says Donald.