Denise S.

Bremerton Family YMCA

Joining the YMCA was a new choice for Denise. Having worked out at a number of other facilities, Denise was on the lookout for a place that would make her feel comfortable and welcome, while also offering services which would help her reach her goals.

Denise, battling with fibromyalgia, needed something to help her make it through the day. Fibromyalgia, a disorder which causes widespread musculoskeletal pain, sleep, and fatigue issues, had begun to take its toll on her. Many things that required physical activity had become a challenge.  She struggled with basic daily tasks, from walking her dog up a hill to cleaning the bathroom. Denise knew she had to do something to overcome the barriers that fibromyalgia had been building around her.

After hearing about the benefits of the Fitpath program, Denise decided to sign up for an appointment. She met with her coach who helped guide and encourage her to increase her strength and endurance through weightlifting. At first, the exercises were difficult for her to complete. She had to learn new equipment and overcome complications which restricted the types of exercises she could do. Her coach continued to encourage her, telling her that she just needed to make it through the first few weeks and then the results would start making themselves evident. Through her strong will and determination, Denise continued to press on. Then something amazing happened. She began to see results.

Denise noticed that she could now take her dog on a walk without the fear of overwhelming fatigue. Cleaning her house stopped causing her so many aches and pains. Basic daily tasks no longer drained her mentally and physically. She could hardly believe it. The two days a week she dedicated to her workouts had really made a difference. Denise had pushed through her fears and doubts and achieved something great, a more functional and pain free life!