Cari C.

Tom Taylor Family YMCA

Cari was raised in a family that had very little time or resources to offer her and her sisters. Although they were homeschooled, they spent most of each day without adult supervision.

Fortunately, there was a YMCA around the corner and their family received financial assistance in so they could have access to programs. Soon the YMCA became a safe haven for Cari and her sisters.

"We spent hours at that facility," said Cari. "The YMCA staff cared for us, providing us support and patience during a time in our lives when no one else did. My experience at the Y during that time changed my life drastically. I don't know where I would be today if it wasn't for the care I received as a Y member. I know from personal experience that the YMCA offers something to our community that is irreplaceable. Our community would not be the same without it."