Bremerton Family YMCA

Candace has faced many challenges in her journey to healthy living. In 2012, she had a severe accident that resulted in a spinal injury. Candace also had to have both her knees replaced and her left foot rebuilt. She was non weight bearing for an entire year and was wheelchair bound for a few years.

When Candace decided to join the YMCA’s Women on Weights program in 2017, she had only been out of a wheelchair for few months. With her walking aides to assist with her balance, she spent the next eight weeks learning how to navigate the weight room and all of the equipment. She was empowered to lift weights by using modifications and from the encouragement of the staff running the program. Her philosophy has been to try something first and if it doesn’t work out, she will find something else that does.

After attending two Women on Weights sessions, Candace has gained strength and confidence. She has found a community here at the Y that is encouraging and strengthens her resolve to keep moving forward in her journey. She can now get up from the ground using the strong muscles she has built at the Y. Candace says she can go from working out at the gym to walking around the farmers market and not feel exhausted. In the past three months, Candace has conquered two major goals: She has been horseback riding for the first time in 15 years and also got onto a treadmill for the first time since before her injury. Her determination and spirit has been an encouragement to all who have interacted with her!