Morgan Family YMCA

All my life, I thought that I wanted to make a decent amount of money and so I always thought of business – my dad’s good at business; that’s something I could do. So, my first semester, I had awesome grades, business was going well. Then, my second semester, I went downhill. It was my worst semester ever in school. So, once it hit summer time, I needed a job. I lost my scholarships, so I worked three jobs this past summer, and one of them was day camp.

The first couple of weeks, it was new to me. I was like, “Okay, this is what it’s like working with kids.” But the more I did it, I just started to fall in love and it opened my path, partly because of how my last semester went, also partly because of how much I love the kids. Working with the kids just totally changed my mind about what I wanted to do for my major.

I guess I expected it to be more serious, but I have as much fun as the kids have. They did rock climbing yesterday, so I got to do rock climbing – first time doing it. So I get the chance to do what the kids have fun doing, as well as being the adult and working with the kids.

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