Becky C.

Morgan Family YMCA

Becky loved to run. For years, the cardio helped her manage her anxiety, until one day during her run, something felt wrong — a pain in her knee like she’d never experienced before. An MRI revealed significant damage to the joint, with the cartilage nearly worn away. Doctors told her she’d have to give up running.

“I got really depressed,” Becky said. “It was hard not to be able to run.”

A longtime member of the Y, Becky knew there were other options to take the place of her regular cardio, but she wasn’t sure if anything could replace running. When a friend started training for a triathlon, she came along as an accountability partner. That’s when she rediscovered the pool.

As a child, Becky was terrified of the water, but eventually overcame her fear and joined her school swim team. Now, she found herself back in the pool swimming laps 5 or 6 days a week.

“Swimming is a good low impact workout, but I still miss running,” Becky says. “People ask me if I compete and I say, ‘No, I just do this for myself; it’s how I manage my anxiety.’”

This year, she’s covered over 300 miles and plans to swim even father next year, while incorporating new strokes and water exercises. Taking a break from running has also allowed Becky to break out of old habits and try activities at the Y, including weight lifting and personal training, to help her reach her goals.

“I really like coming to the Y,” Becky says. “I like this branch because it’s so diverse. I’ve gotten to know people I’d never have met otherwise. It’s a good place to be.”

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