Sarah G.

In the summer of 2015, Sarah Golbeck found a lump in her breast. Late in her pregnancy with her fourth child Harper, she began the journey of identifying and treating this lump. In August, her daughter was born early after complications with pregnancy and on September 2, 2015, her daughter’s original due date, Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer. She began aggressive treatment quickly and found her life changing in both small and drastic ways - from allowing her children to shave her head to enduring a double mastectomy. During her fight against cancer she has remained joyful. “My children are truly my motivation and teaching them that positivity can help you overcome anything is so important to me,” said Sarah.  

Sarah was invited to a Relay For Life walk as a cancer survivor by her sister-in-law. At the event, there were items being raffled off and she carefully placed her dollars into many different prize buckets. “Nearing the end of the event, I held my final five dollars and decided to put it all in for a chance to win a few months of membership at the YMCA!” Her family had been interested in participating in swim lessons for quite a while, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get started. With the financial burden of her current medical situation, free membership would be a blessing! When her name was drawn both herself and her children jumped for joy. Sarah, her husband Dan, and children Riley (8), Jack and Logan (5), and Harper (13 months) toured the facility and instantly found a home. 

When the free membership came to and end, the Golbeck family was faced with the consideration of the cost of continuing at the Y. Once again facing the concern of affordability, the family was awarded financial assistance from the Y. “We are so grateful for the financial assistance," Sarah says. "We weren’t sure we could have come here without it.”

Sarah says that the family spends most of their time in the pool, splashing and playing. Sarah shares that the Y has led to more positivity in her life. “Fighting cancer is not easy, but we now have a reason to leave the house, get off the couch, and do something together as a family,” she says. Sarah has said that she is grateful for the Gordon Family Y staff for giving her family a life-changing experience.

Sarah’s battle is not over and her treatment continues. Along with the Y, her incredible family, and other survivors and supporters, Sarah is able to stay #SarahStrong.