Our Y Stories

  • Kari and Matthew Scott

    "We are passionate that all kids have the chance to reach their full potential through the variety of sports and youth programs the Y offers."
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  • Jeff and Valinda Jones

    Through Boeing’s corporate match program, Jeff and Valinda were able to give a much larger gift to the Y.
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  • Terry Larson and Chris Spivey

    "There are a lot of good programs that the YMCA is working on and we need to find ways to support them."
    Read Terry Larson and Chris Spivey's Story
  • Rick Ellingson

    “I’m a strong advocate for anything related to kids, and I think the first thing that resonated strongly with me was Teen Late Nite, because it’s just a terrific program."
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  • Aiko

    "When you don’t have any kids, you try to help someone who needs it. I feel good when I’m helping somebody."
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  • Dr. Joseph Lamb

    "I find it important to give to the Y because I believe people need to have a place to work out, but more importantly, a place to find community."
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  • Cal and Joanne Bamford

    “Giving to the Y has become a family tradition,” says
    Read Cal and Joanne Bamford's Story
  • TJ Staupe and Vickie Pratt

    “Once we retired from the railroad, we found ourselves missing
    Read TJ Staupe and Vickie Pratt's Story
  • Ken and Laura Sampson

    A public school teacher for 11 years, Kent Sampson worked
    Read Ken and Laura Sampson's Story