Activities and Play

Staying active, developing healthy habits, learning leadership responsibilities, and developing lifelong friendships. These are all traits - for many youth - that are fostered at the Y. Whether your child is just a toddler learning new social skills, or is a teenager on the brink of young adulthood, our programs will help them discover things about their world that will carry them through the rest of their lives. 


Toddler Gym

Toddler Gym: Indoor playtime in the gymnastics gym where children, ages 10 months-4 years, and parents can interact with each other. Children will develop relationships with peers, work on their balance and coordination, and get their wiggles out.

Toddler gym is designed for exploration and free play. Class time is broken up into free play time, circle time, obstacle course time, and goodbye time. Registration is required.

MKFY Toddler Gym

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