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Mel Korum Family YMCA

253-841-9622 302 43rd Ave SE, Puyallup, WA, 98374

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Branch Hours

Mon -Thurs: 4:30am - 10:30pm
Fri: 4:30am - 9:30pm
Sat: 6am - 8:30pm
Sun: 11am - 7:30pm

Child Watch

Mon - Fri: 8am- 1pm | 4pm - 8pm
Sat: 8am - 4pm
Sun: 12 - 3pm
  • Hit the Weights

    Strength training is important for bone health and for healthy weight maintenance.
  • Go Barefoot

    We spend most of our time in shoes that offer our foot support, but this can enable the muscles in our foot to weaken. Consider taking time on a daily basis to stand and walk barefoot.

Our Y Stories

  • Wendy

    “I had to change my life and take responsibility for what I did to my body or I would die young, like my grandpa."
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  • Melissa and Conor

    The Power Scholars program helped Conor gain socialization and language skills over the summer.
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  • Greg

    Greg's doctor referred him to the YMCA Diabetes Prevention program to help him change his lifestyle.
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