A guardian holds a baby in the water during an adult/child swim lesson as a Y staff member gently splashes and engages with them.

Holiday Blast is a special winter session when our programs run for a concentrated week-long experience. We are not offering a late registration period since the session begins the following week, but there are still plenty of options available for your family to choose from this season so choose your holiday adventure! 



Splashing in our pool while it’s snowing outside is a delightful way to spend time at the Y. It’s also a fantastic time to help set you and the family up for success so that you’re ready for the summer months ahead. We’re offering School Age Swim Lessons at nearly all of our family community centers, including parent/child options at Lakewood, Haselwood, Mel Korum, and Tom Taylor Family Ys. Haselwood will also be offering preschool swim clinics

Equipping kids with the tools they need to be confident in and around water, they’ll be able to reap the health benefits of exercise, bond with family and friends, and take pride in their new skills — safely. We recommend signing up for Water Safety classes at either Lakewood, Morgan, or Tom Taylor.  

If you’re an intermediate or advanced swimmer, then Mel Korum Family Y is the place you want to be Holiday Blast 2022. Its Aquatics team will be leading Water Volleyball, Water Exercise Classes, and Swim Clinics. Set aside time to make the fine adjustments to perfect your freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, or ever-impressive butterfly stroke.



When the leaves fall and the temperature drops, our homes become havens for coziness and time together. Help cultivate a richer inner life during the winter months, and step into the warm and expansive studio spaces at your local Y.

Cooking does wonders for the soul and creates greater awareness about what we’re putting into our bodies. This helps develop better eating habits and prevent chronic disease in the long term. It also helps little ones establish positive food relationships while getting to help in the kitchen. Choose from Culinary Arts classes at Gordon, Haselwood or Bremerton Family Ys. 

If you’re looking more for sweet treats or to whip up gifts for the holidays, then check out Y Bakers – a beginning baking class– offered at Gordon, Haselwood, Bremerton, and Tom Taylor Family Y. But don’t worry if flour and eggs aren’t your happy place! 

Art helps children and adults to express their creativity, imagination, and develop new skills. Arts classes are open to students of any ability, and courses during Winter Blast vary based on age. Almost all family community centers are offering Visual Arts – Artist Workshops to select from this concentrated session so bring your creativity and fresh perspectives.  

Research shows that children who sing/dance/act/play their little hearts out are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement compared with their non-performing friends — and they tend to have enhanced cognitive, motor, and social development. Don't miss out on Hula, Hip Hop, and Preschool Ballet at Tom Taylor Family Y, or a musical theater Vocal Course at Bremerton or Haselwood Family Ys. 



Did you know that gymnastics helps kids to develop physical skills like body control, coordination, and strength? Gymnastics allows children to experience self-confidence through creativity, performance, and helps to lay a strong foundation for other sports that a child might express interest in later in life. 

If you’re searching for the perfect Gymnastics class this session, look no further than Mel Korum and Morgan Family Ys. Each are offering multiple classes for kids from beginner through to advanced. Korum is also offering a dedicated class for Teen Gymnastics and Morgan is offering a Cheerleading session for group tumbling.  

Toddler Gym classes are also open at Tom Taylor Family Y. Toddler gym is a Parent and child movement, education, and interactive program where children learn through play. We create an environment where children explore their cognitive abilities and body awareness as we explore safe movement, exploration time, obstacle course, and play on safe age-appropriate gymnastics mats and equipment. 



We believe that sports and playtime are an important part of every kid’s routine. Skills and Drills are instructional sports classes that keep kids fit and active, introduce them to various sports, help them develop their coordination, and make new friends. Plus all Skills and Drills classes are free for members! 

Gordon, Morgan, and Mel Korum Family Ys offer basketball-focused Skills and Drills options this month. If your child loves their time on the court during the session or if they want to participate in competitive play, consider signing up for our upcoming Youth Basketball League before practices start on January 16, 2023. 

The World Cup has sparked attention from around the globe. If you have a soccer enthusiast or future star at home, Mel Korum Family Y is offering soccer-focused Skills and Drills classes for anyone who prefers to be on the pitch versus on a court.  

Athletic soloists are invited to join the Beginner Climbing class at Gordon Family Y. In this special class, kids ages 6-12 learn about climbing safety, equipment, technique, and commands, plus knot tying from our expert staff. 


Registration opens at 7am on December 13 and goes until midnight on December 15, 2022. Find the best class for your family and have a blast this month!