As the new school year approaches, we wanted to share with our community the exciting leadership opportunities that await your teens! Teens and future leaders are invited to attend our Teen Leadership Development Virtual Kick-off, where parents and teens can explore the diverse programs we have available to boost personal growth and take the step toward being future leaders. 

Join us online on August 31 and September 5 from 6-7:30 pm.

Why should you join the Kick-off?  

  1. You’ll get to hear first-hand experiences of teens who have already participated in our programs. Their accounts will provide you with valuable insights and help guide you toward making an informed decision. 

  2. Opportunity to connect with like-minded teens. Engaging with other individuals with similar interests will help you expand your network and make lasting connections. 

  3. Chance to win a prize! As a special bonus, we offer a prize to one lucky participant, giving you even more reasons to join us. 


YAG 2023

Key Programs 

  • Youth and Government 

    Youth and Government is different than traditional classroom civics—rather than just reading about civic engagement, students in YAG actually get to put their skills to the test and learn through an experiential, hands-on, student-led experience outside the classroom. Whether that's drafting bills, debating policies, or collaborating with peers, teens in this program develop a deep understanding of how our local government functions.


  • Pacific Region Conference 

    Open to teens in grades 8-12, PRC is described as a life-changing event by many past participants and advisors. This annual conference seeks to create a community of honesty, respect, responsibility and trust. Teens are challenged to build self-esteem and celebrate their self-worth.


KNO Leader
  • Kids Night Out 

    Being a Kids Night Out Teen Leader is extremely beneficial for anyone with the ambition and community spirit to help uplift others. Teen leaders also engage as fundraisers to help boost funds available for their future leadership endeavors.  


  • Youth Leadership Development Club 

    Ignite your leadership journey with our Youth Leadership Development Club. Participants are challenged to build relationships and develop real-world skills in a creative, collaborative, and supportive environment. 


Summer of Service

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