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The YMCA Youth Leadership Development Club (YLD), open to those in grades 8-12 and is designed to cultivate the leadership potential of youth. Participants are challenged to build relationships and develop skills in a fun, safe, open, and supportive environment.

The YLD club goals are to provide group experiences, guided by caring YMCA adults that develop leadership abilities and confidence in their personal growth.


Youth Leadership Development Club At The YMCA

Increase participants' sense of belonging to the group.
Participants feel an increased sense of engagement with the leaders and connectedness with peers.
Feeling of safety, comfort, and enjoyment of their time.
Playing Trust Game at YMCA Youth Leadership Development Club

Participants develop a sense of empowerment.
Participants feel an increased sense of responsibility for the choices they make.
Participants develop social competencies in order to thrive and become empathic towards others' differences while striving to find similarities.


Teen Leadership Development Programs Available to All


YMCA programs are open and available to everyone within our communities and you do not need to be a Y member to participate in any of the Teen Leadership Development programs offered. No person shall be turned away due to the inability to pay.

Program Price: $100

Payments may be made on a monthly draft or paid in full upon registration. 


Scholarships at the Y help remove the financial barriers to accessing YMCA facilities, programs, and services. Scholarships are provided based on household, income, and special circumstances. Please complete the application online and a Y staff member will contact you soon. Apply For A Scholarship.


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Don Brevik

Association Youth and Government Director