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Take your workout to the next level with our knowledgeable personal trainers. They'll partner with you to create a personalized plan to help you reach your goals, whether you're an athlete or looking to start an exercise routine for the first time.

Personal Training Personal Training

Our certified YMCA personal trainers use their knowledge of current research concepts, principles of sound exercise, and state-of-the-art equipment to design and implement a fitness program tailored just for you.

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  • CJ Edwards profile picture

    CJ Edwards


    I strive to be more than just your personal trainer. I want to help create a lifestyle of fitness and wellness through goal setting, motivation, nutrition, personal training and support. I am a highly qualified Sports Performance Coach and Personal Trainer for the next generation of athletes. I encompass a wide scope of knowledge in all aspects of Sports Performance coaching (strength, flexibility, nutrition energy systems development, recovery, and
    regeneration). I work with athletes with the most innovative, effective means possible so the athlete can achieve his/her goals.


    • SPC - Sports Performance Coach
    • USA-NASM CPT - Certified Personal Trainer
    • NASM CSAC - Certified Speed and Agility Coach- Athletes Acceleration
    • FNS- Fitness Nutrition Specialist
    • NASM PES - Performance Enhancement Specialist
    • NASM CES - Corrective Exercise Specialist
    • NASM IYCC - Member, International Youth and Conditioning Council USA Weightlifting
    • Certified Sports Performance Coach and Member
    • CPR - American Safety and Health Institute


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    CJ is also available at:
  • Jennifer Buday profile picture

    Jennifer Buday

    I am a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer with additional training in Functional Fitness, Senior Fitness, and Balance training. I am a strong believer in the concept that health is much more than a number on a scale. Health and wellness have been an interest of mine most of my life. I developed a deep love for strength training and functional fitness after seeing the positive effects it had on my life personally. Growing up I had a very loving family, but like so many other families, food seemed to be the focus at most of our gatherings. Today, several of my family members suffer from health conditions such as obesity, eating disorders, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. I have firsthand witnessed how a person’s relationship with food and fitness can drastically impact their quality of life. My decision to become a personal trainer stemmed from my desire to help people live the fullest life they can. I am passionate and driven to help others reach their goals. My goal as a personal trainer is to empower others through fitness so that they can be more successful both inside and outside of the gym.


    Monday: 9:30am-7pm
    Tuesday: 5:30am-4pm
    Wednesday: 9:30 am-7pm 
    Thursday: 5am-4pm
    Friday: 9:30am- 7pm
    Sunday: 10am - 6pm


    • NASM Personal Training Certificate
    • Balance and Fall Prevention
    • Essential Exercises for Seniors
    • Functional Training
    • CPR/AED


    Jennifer is also available at:
    Tacoma Center YMCA, University Y Student Center
  • Katie Dunivan profile picture

    Katie Dunivan

    With proper knowledge, determined effort and sufficient support, Katie believes anyone can achieve their goals. She pours her energy and passion for fitness into helping others achieve their goals through intelligent and evidenced-based program design. Katie entered the field of fitness as a competitive basketball player at the Division I level; however, she also has experience working with kids, adults, athletes, and older adults. For those she works with, she aims to inspire and empower decision making that results in a healthy, active and successful lifestyle.  Above all, she believes exercise should be both effective and fun! In her spare time she enjoys travel, spending time outdoors with her family and dog, surfing, skiing, and listening to good music.


    • ACE Personal Training
    • ACE Group Fitness Instructor
    • Yogafit Level 1 & 2
    • TRX Group Suspension Training
    • Schwinn Cycling
    • Bachelor of Arts in history
    • Master of Science in Kinesiology


    Katie is also available at:
  • Mary Senecal profile picture

    Mary Senecal

    I am married to a oncologist. We have been partners in this since 1987. I am an oncology nurse, and involved in our foundation. We have five children we are very proud of. They are all crazy fitness participants, like Frank and I. We also have two grandchildren. We love biking, hiking, trekking and snowshoeing. My goal with clients is to enhance their fitness so they can be more active and safe in all of their lifetime activities. What we do in the gym, only lays the foundation for a more healthy and full life.


    • Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Seattle University
    • Ashamed College, degree in Personal Training
    • ACSM Certified in Both Health/Fitness Specialist, and Cancer Survivor Trainer
    • Basi trained in Pilates


    Monday-Friday: 5:30am-1pm


    Mary is also available at:
  • Allyssa Marzano profile picture

    Allyssa Marzano

    Allyssa holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science as well as an ACSM personal training certification. Aside from her educational background, she also has personal experience in health and fitness. She has been involved in athletics since a young age and continued to compete in track and field at the collegiate level. She developed a high level of knowledge and has a passion for fitness. Allyssa has worked with a variety of different age groups and experience levels. Her decision to become a personal trainer stems from her love for fitness and her desire to help others achieve their goals.


    • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science
    • ACSM certified personal trainer
    • CPR/AED
  • Natalie Mansen profile picture

    Natalie Mansen

    In 2014, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, I had no idea how to exercise efficiently. It kicked my interest in physical fitness into high gear. I wanted to learn how I could be healthier. My online research brought me to countless personal training courses. After seeing fitness results, I was feeling healthier and having more energy. It made me want to help others, whatever your goal is. If you want to feel more comfortable in the gym, lean out, gain muscle, or be healthier in general, I’m here for you!

    I studied to become a certified fitness trainer through the International Sports Science Association (ISSA). I am currently taking a professional nutrition coach course.

    Prior to working at the YMCA, I did personal training and nutrition coaching at my home and my client's homes. I am excited to work with YMCA members; I love the values and atmosphere at the YMCA. I cannot wait to meet you and hear about your goals!


    • ISSA-certified fitness trainer
    • HIIT (high-intensity interval training)
    • Strength training
    • Muscle definition
    • Foundation strength


    Natalie is also available at:
    Lakewood Family YMCA