Chair Yoga Drop-in Class

Develop strength, flexibility, balance, and restoration with the stability of a chair. Class offers the benefits of yoga through a safely guided practice.

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Family Yoga Drop-in Class

Participants are skillfully and gently guided through yoga postures to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. Class is tailored for family participation.


We will be featuring Family Yoga demos July 21, August 18, and September 8 at 1:30-2pm before the class will join our weekly Group Exercise schedule starting September 22! Drop in to practice your skill with your family. 

For ages 5 and up with a participating Adult. 

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Gentle Yoga Drop-in Class

Alignment, core strength, flexibility and relaxation, are the focus of class and is accessible to all. Ideal for those preferring a more gentle practice.

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Pilates Drop-in Class

Increase core strength through gentle rhythmic movements focusing on breath, flexibility, strength, and core stabilization.

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Yoga Drop-in Class

Control breathing through a series of flowing movements designed to strengthen and lengthen muscles while developing a mind-body connection. Guidance through yoga postures improves strength, balance and flexibility.

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