Flexibility, Balance, and Core

Improve balance and flexibility with these group exercise classes focused on strengthening core muscles and increasing range of motion.

Barre Drop-in Class

Use the ballet barre, light weights, isometric exercises, and balance to firm, lengthen, lift, and sculpt the core, arms, thighs, and glutes.

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Core and More Drop-in Class

Improve posture and physical function for a healthy lifestyle, as we focus on strengthening exercises for abdominal and back muscles.

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Foam Rolling Drop-in Class

Offset your training with our express foam roller classes. Foam rollers can improve core stability, muscle recovery, strength, balance, and flexibility. Release the tight muscles, fascial adhesions, and improve blood flow.

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Pilates Drop-in Class

Increase core strength through gentle rhythmic movements focusing on breath, flexibility, strength, and core stabilization.

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Piyo® Drop-in Class

Build strength and gain flexbility in this choreographed program that combines the elements of Yoga and Pilates with energy, power and rhythm. Appropriate for all fitness levels.

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Stretch and Stability Drop-in Class

Improve overall flexibility in this relaxing class that stretches all the major muscles of the body, slowly moving through gently choreographed moves.

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Tai Chi Drop-in Class

This class focuses on generating and circulating vital energy around the body by following traditional principles of movement, posture, and breathing.


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